Credit where credit’s due (or in other words: where does an artist get his, or her, inspiration):   I was visiting my son, Daniel, in Charlotte and he was wearing (what I thought were…) really cool shorts.   “Where’d ya get those I asked?”   “They’re Chubbies.” he replied.   So…by and by…I checked out the website.   And I agreed; Chubbies were cool.   I particularly liked the patterns and juxtapositioned colors.

Later on, back at the ranch, I was chatting with a fellow photographer and gallerist Jeanne Elizabeth Svendson Campbell at Galerie 124, and playing my itty-bitty vi-o-lin feeling I was afflicted with Writer’s block.   …and Jeanne encouraged me with a simple dictum:  (to) think outside the box.

…and somewhere in all this mishegoss THE FAT TUESDAYS were born.   And the prints are even cooler at 30″ x 30″ for the squares, and 45″ x 30″ for the landscapes.

THE FAT TUESDAYS are dated: July and a bit of August, 2016.CLICK Main Image for Full-Screen Slideshow

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